Some of our Best Friends. . .
We've been privileged to work with many fine composers at Tambourine.
We'd like to thank them again for bringing the music to the beach
These folks are some of our best friends:
Chris Beck , Adam Berry, Richard Bellis, Chris Boardman,Bill Bodine, Bruce Broughton, Doug Cameron, Eric Colvin, Dennis Dreith, John Erlich, Ron Fair (Christine Aguilara's "Christmas Song"), Barry Fasman, David M Frank, Jason Frederick, Andrew Gross, Jay Gruska, Lisa Haley, Carla Hassett, Brian Holly, Giovana Imbesi, Mark Justin, Ed Kalnins, Steve Kaplan, Peter Melnick, Bryon Miller, Liz Meyers Basil Poledouris, Karl Preusser, JAC Redford, BillRoss, Lisbeth Scott, Chris Stone, John Trivers, Tim Truman, Chris Tyng, David Vanacore, Jack Wall, Jennifer Wilson…
You can contact any of these people for a first hand account of the Tambourine
Percussion Studio experience. A Few have their own sites (linked above). Most
can be reached via e-mail through the Los Angeles Recording Musicians Association
or the Society of Composers & Lyricists.
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