We have all sorts of whacky stuff going on here-- recording sessions, music workshops, lessons (formal and impromptu), Irish traditional music sessúins, and just flat-out jams when friends drop in...
Kumar Fiske gives us a Riq lesson..
LA studio dogs --Brad Dutz, Steve Forman, Brian Kilgore..
Venice Percussionist and TPS assistant Cyrus Fuhrmeister --airborne as usual..
Brian (right) impersonates a record producer
by deftly confusing Alberto and the rest of us...
Alberto Lopez playing Bata on a
session for Brian Holly. Alberto
made this set of bata himself!
We've been hosting traditional Irish Music Sessions here lately.. Contact us if you you'd like an invitation...
Pat D'Arcy, Barry Fisher and Paddy O'Neill consider a slip jig..
Trad Trio: Jimmy Murphy, Samantha Hunt and Kira Ott between takes..
Extraordinary Celtic singer and Irish Drummer Christa Burch...
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